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Clan Conduct
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Code Of Conduct for Clan Members

1) Respect

Always Respect the People Around you. There are people out there that do disrespect others but that doesn't mean that its OK to do the same. If you want to be Respected for who you are, then You must first Respect them.

2) Pride

Show your Clan Pride. Represent for your Clan in any Games Modes you play in. Prove to them that your One of the Best of Brethren 0f War!

3) Family

We Brethren are a Family. We look out for each other even though we're far apart XD. Casual Chats occurs often from topics about how to cook rice to rock climbing down to showing off what they catch from a nearby river.

4) Anti-Hacking

We don't Allow Hacks within the Clan. If we are to find you Hacking, You will be kicked off from the Clan along with the Mark of  CBL Dirty.

5) Swearing

Refrain from Swearing. Though everyone does swear, We try to Avoid swearing In-Game or in our Clan Website as it Makes us Look Bad.

6) Accusations

All clan members will refrain from hack accusing another player, if you think someone is hacking,look them up on CBL or talk with your fellow clan members and if need be,report them.

7) Racism and Negative Comments

We DO NOT allow any racism,negative comments,or derogatory comments/slurs. Anyone found to be using any of this,you will be immediately dismissed from the clan and banned from playing in ANY of our clan rooms in the future. We do understand each person has their own opinions and feelings,but when you are part of a clan,what you say  as an individual reflects upon the clan as a whole.

8)  Playing

Most of all,have fun and make the clan proud!!


9) Clan Allegiance

We expect full allegiance when you join Brethren 0f War. This means we expect that you only have one character in our clan and no other characters in another clan. Having other characters to play is one thing,but to have the other(s) in a different clan,makes it difficult to choose your allegiance. And it also takes away valuable playing time,interaction,and promotion of each clan and it isn't fair to either clan.


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